British Art

John Constable (1776-1837)

'The Hay Wain'

John Constable, one of the greatest landscape painters was born in Suffolk in 1776, but, didn't begin to paint seriously until 1811 when he was 35. Most of his paintings feature the open landscapes of southern England.Constable is seen by many critics as a forerunner of the impressionists. This painting completed in 1821 represents one of Constable's favourite places in Suffolk, and features a hay-wain (a type of horse-drawn cart) crossing the River Stour.  The whole painting emanates the sense of tranquility one can find on a mid-summer's day in this part of the English countryside. And if one visits the same spot in the village of Flaxford today the view is much the same.


  Salisbury cathedral, Wiltshire


'Hampstead Heath with a rainbow'