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Up until March 2003 all visitor messages were placed together i.e. males and females and people of all ages were listed together. This section of our site contains those earlier messages.  There are ten penpal messages on each page. To view the next ten click the link at the bottom of the page. Be warned many of these email addresses may no longer be active! To view more recent messages, visit the MAIN PENPAL PAGE link above.

 Name: Ania Sobecka
 Email: moniasobecka@poczta.onet.pl
 Birth Year: 1990
 Gender: female
 From: Poland
 Seeking:: Both Male and Female friends
 My Hobbies: collecting phone cards
 Remarks/Comments: I like animals very much. I likes sport too for example skiing and swiming.

Name: alan
Email: blunted18@hotmail.com
Birth Year: 1976
Gender: male
From: England
Seeking:: Female penfriends
My Hobbies: making music and travelling
Remarks/Comments: would like to hear from females all over the world as i am travelling all over the place later this year, and would like to meet up with some people on my travels.

Name: Aram Zamani
Email: aram_fabi@yahoo.com
Birth Year: 1980
Gender: female
From: Earth!
Seeking:: Male penfriends
My Hobbies: enternet-play guitar-reading-football
Remarks/Comments: Hi
I'm Aram.I'm 22years.I was born on 9/6/1980
I live in Iran. Iran is south in Asia.
I like internet, play guitar, travel, reading,football ITALY(calcio).
I like live in ITALY.

Name: Bill Sullivan
Email: billsully48@kitv.co.uk
Birth Year: 1948
Gender: male
From: Ireland
Seeking:: Female penfriends
My Hobbies: Computers, Cars, Bikes etc
Remarks/Comments: I am a single man interested in making friends with females from around the world.

 Name: Chelsea
 Email: skate_20@hotmail.com
 Birth Year: 1984
 Gender: female
 From: Australia
 Seeking:: Both Male and Female friends
 My Hobbies: Sports
 Remarks/Comments: email me anytime

 Name: Alex
 Email: alexz@in.gr
 Birth Year: 1990
 Gender: male
 From: Greece
 Seeking:: Both Male and Female friends
 My Hobbies: Pc-games
 Remarks/Comments: I want friends!

 Name: Mahmoud Ali
 Email: mah-ahmed@link.net
 Birth Year: 1979
 Gender: male
 From: Egypt
 Seeking:: Female penfriends
 My Hobbies: Reading, surfing the internet, walking for a long time
 Remarks/Comments: I need friends for long-term relationship

 Name: Marzena
 Email: maryostrow@yahoo.com
 Birth Year: 1989
 Gender: female
 From: Poland
 Seeking:: Both Male and Female friends
 My Hobbies: play computer
 Remarks/Comments: Hello!.I live in Poland, in village Laskowice. I like animals, travel and shopping. I listen to music, play on computer and read a book. I've got dog Aga, rabbit Trusia and fish in aquarium. I want to exchange letters with girls and boys. Iam looking forward to any news.

 Birth Year: 1970
 Gender: male
 From: Earth!
 Seeking:: Female penfriends
 My Hobbies: TOO MUCH
 Remarks/Comments: Hello

I wish to make friend-ship with female only...Now let me introduce my self to you ;
my name is Nawzad Zangana & my birth day is 7th.Nov.1970 ,1.80 meter length, 90 kg weight,
having black eyes , black hair , white skin, don't smoke, don't drink tea & coffee & good

I am a Kurdish man (Arian) living in Tikreet city at Salah Al-Deen privince in Iraq at
my own home singlly & my parents & my two sisters are living at the next house of mine.

Iam a civil engineer working as director of building planning & construction department
at Salah Al-Deen Directorate of Health & as judicial-expert at Salah Al-DeenCourt of Appeal.
My parents & my sisters are doctors. We are famous family in Iraq.

I can speek five languages (Kurdish,Arabic,Turkish,Parish & English).
I have a wolf-dog his name is Tootoo.
My hobbies are(playing piano,organ & guitar,singing,computers,internet,playstation games,
picnics,parties,dancing,karate,cooking,photos & others). My friends use to call me the hawk-
man or the eagle-man because I always find out &discover passwords,hidden files & cheat codes
of the games & computers.also I have the sixth sense to respect what future hides & analyzing
people & their mind.

I,d never been married before because I never met the woman that I want yet.

Send me letters on my snail address & I answer you 100% on my snail address.....

Snail Address:-
Nawzad Zangana,
Salah Al-Deen Directorate of Health,
Salah Al-Deen,

 Name: mansoor
 Email: amanh2002@yahoo.com
 Birth Year: 12.9.1977
 Gender: male
 From: United Arab Emirates
 Seeking:: Female penfriends
 Remarks/Comments: I from the uae country ..i love friendship configuration





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