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Glastonbury Tor

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In the middle of the Somerset Levels, an area of once-flooded marshland, there lies Glastonbury Tor - a strangely shaped and steep hill with a ruined church at the summit. Some say this is the ancient Isle of Avalon, in Celtic folklore the island of enchantment. The hill is said to contain a secret magical passage to the underworld, and be the place where King Arthur is sleeping, but, will awake in England's hour of need and come to her rescue!  Indeed, the whole area around the small Somerset town of Glastonbury is believed to have been where King Arthur's Camelot was located and is said my some to be the most mystical place in the world! Among the many legends that exist the major one is that Glastonbury is supposed to be the place that Joseph of Arimethaea brought the Holy Grail in the early first century. Another tells that King Arthur and Guinevere were buried in the local abbey. Modern legend has it that if one takes the ten minute walk to the summit of the Tor you leave your troubles behind when you leave, and if you have questions you will find the answers on the Tor. All in all a strange, but, beautiful place!!! The local town has become something of a New-Age haven and one can buy all manner of strange things in it's many shops ...

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The Tor, Glastonbury, Somerset

Early spring near Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury, Somerset

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