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This page contains sites dealing with the Romance languages (French, Italian, Romanian etc.), and Polish; but will eventually build up into a huge database of indo-european language links. So return soon for another look.

Top Language Sites

English - World English is the website for anyone interested in the English Language.

Polish - Polish phrases, free translation and information about Poland.

Language Links - a site with lots of good language links.


Language Courses / Exercises Online

Aprèn català (Learn Catalan): Includes an introduction to the language in English.
Aprendre Català a Internet: Online Catalan course offered by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The Web site is all in Catalan. Site includes links to other Catalan resources on the Internet as well as a description of the course.

ALF's Interactive French Course: Game format. You have six hours to reach the Eiffel Tower. Both written & spoken French.
French Pronunciation Guide: The basics of French pronunciation.
Jacques Léon's French Language Course: Explanations in English. By a French native speaker. Focused on written French.
French learning and language Exchange: French lessons, forum and contacts.

UDEL List: University of Delaware list of Italian web-based instruction materials.
Ciao!: Italian web course. Well-indexed; lessons in English.
Italian Electronic Classroom: Aimed at providing free online information on difficult aspects of the Italian language.
Web Italian Lessons by Lucio Chiappetti: Its lesson 1 includes a pronounciation guide.

Latin Dictionary, Grammar Aid and Wordlist:  From Notre Dame. Site in English.


Free Polish Translation: free Polish language translation service and language guidance. 

Polish online: learn the basics of Polish.

Test your Polish: online Polish language test.

Polish Pronunciation: basic Polish pronunciation.

Polish Language Course: online Polish complete with audio files. 

Online Polish Course: Polish for beginners.

Basic Polish Phrases: the basic phrases - please, thank you, I don't understand etc.

Polish Basics: another site with basic phrases.


Portuguese Online: Lessons, pronunciation / verb guides, practice, chat.

Language Romania: Basic travel-oriented Romanian expressions.


Learn Spanish Learn Spanish Today Learn Spanish - Learn Spanish on-line for free, using interactive audio/visual lessons.
Business Spanish: Tutorials of Business and conversational Spanish with audio examples and grammar rules. It covers over 100 business themes, etiquette, cultural notes, and much more. It adds a new lesson daily, 260 lessons in a year.
Gramática y ortografía española: discusses Spanish grammar issues such as the subjunctive, in Spanish.
SalonHogar: Site completely in Spanish. Lessons on various aspects of Spanish grammar / orthography.
The Spanish Test: Find out your language level.
Temas: Another website for travel Spanish
Web Spanish Lessons: Web based Spanish language lessons.



Internet Dictionary Project: Small dictionaries for translating to/from English, French, German, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Diccionari de l'Enciclopèdia: Type a word to see its definition.
LÈXIC BÀSIC D'INTERNET Català-Anglès: Dictionary of Internet terms, Catalan-English.

L'argot des Voleurs : Dictionary of French slang from the 17th century.
Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de Sally:  French-French. Contains good etymological information.
English-French-English Java Dictionary: At the same site you can access their dictionaries for other languages.
Hachette Dictionnaire Francophone En Ligne: Online French-French dictionary. Type a word to see its definition & more.

English-Italian-English Java Dictionary: At the same site you can access their dictionaries for other languages.
R-O-Matic Italian/English Dictionary: Enter a word to search for then click on the Italian or English button to search.

Eleaston Latin Dictionary Index: Rather comprehensive list of Latin-Latin, Latin-English, & Latin-Other Langauges dictionaries.
English-Latin-English Java Dictionary: At the same site you can access their dictionaries for other languages.
A Latin Dictionary of Saxo Grammaticus (medieval Latin): Site in Latin.
Latin-English-Latin Java Dictionary 


Polish dictionary : online Polish English / English Polish dictionary.

English-Polish Dictionary: S³ownik angielsko-polski

Small Translation Dictionary: a basic English-Polish translation dictionary.


Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa da Porto Editora: Portuguese-Portuguese. Deals with Portuguese from Portugal.
English-Portuguese-English Java Dictionary: At the same site you can access their dictionaries for other languages.
TravLang's English-Portuguese Dictionary: Site in English.
TravLang's Portuguese-English Dictionary: Site in English.

English-Roman Dictionary of Proverbs: By the University of Tasmania, Australia.
Civil Building Pathology Dictionary:  Gives Romanian and French equivalents for English expressions.
Hypermart: Download a free English-Romanian dictionary to your computer.

Comparative CyberLexicon: A full list of computer and Internet terms in English and their Spanish equivalents.
Diccionario Americano: This contains words whose use is limited to a particular region or country. It is in Spanish only. Interface to the VOX dictionaries. Spanish definitions, synonyms/antonyms, and translations to and from Spanish and English, French, and Catalan.
Freedict English-Spanish-English Java Dictionary: At the same site you can access their dictionaries for other languages.
General English-Spanish Dictionary: Contains about 96,000 words.
Jergas de Habla Hispana: It contains a listing of jargon listed by country; it's in Spanish only.



Minorisa: Index in Catalan of Catalan/Spanish humour sites.
La pàgina dels Acudits: Humour in Catalan.

A la page d'humour à Mario:  French humour web site.
Le Web pour Rigoler: the very best of humour in French.

Enciclopedia della Barzelletta: The best site of Italian jokes! Site completely in Italian.


Polish Jokes: Polish only newspaper site including jokes, chat and more


Piadas (Site Language-Portuguese): Colecçao de piadas. A collection of jokes.

Romania On-line: Index of various Romanian joke sites. Jokes in Romanian.

Adivinanzas: A collection of popular Spanish riddles, drag mouse to see answers. Site designed for language learners.
Arepera Chistes: Spanish language website.
Chistometro: Jokes in Spanish.
La Cosa Cursos de Informática: Computer courses, definitions, humour in Spanish.
La Huevera: Spanish Humour Magazine.
Humor Para Adultos y para Niños: In Spanish.
El Jueves: Spanish Humour Magazine.
El Jueves (Virus): Send a "virus" (postcard) to your friends (or enemies).
LatinGuía Humor: Images, jokes, and videos organized by topic. Site completely in Spanish.
Las Leyes de Murphy: Murphy's Laws in Spanish.
World Chiste Web: Jokes in Spanish. Site in Spanish.


La letteratura del mondo: Index in Italian of literature in some major languages (Italian, French, Spanish, classical literature).

The Association of Catalan Language Writers: Web page, mostly in Catalan, translation of part available in other langauges.
Catalan Poetry: Extensive archive of Catalan Poetry.

ATHENA : Collection of texts, with a focus on French authors and documents.
CPN Online French Book List: By Canadian Parents for French.
Project ARTFL:  Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language), by the U. of  Chicago.
University of Virginia: French electronic text collection.

Antologia (frammentaria): Fragmentary anthology of Italian literature in HTML; by CRS4. Site completely in Italian.
Liber Liber: Collection of free electronic texts in Italian.
VersiControVersi: Online Italian magazine of poetry in Italian.

UFL Classics Alcove: Index of various sites with Latin texts.
Josse Bade, Stultiferae Naves: Text of the 1500 edition with introduction, notes and translation in French.
The letters of Abelard & Heloise: From Georgetown University.
Project Libellus: Texts in Classical Latin and Greek available online


Polish Legends : Legends from Poland.

History of Polish Literature 
Literature e-texts

Adam Mickiewicz
Czeslaw Milosz 
Andrzej Sapkowski 

Google Portuguese Literature Directory: Extensive listing of online literature in Portuguese.
Links de Literatura & Poesia: A large but unannotated list of Web sites for Portuguese literature, organized by author.
Jornal de Poesia: Very complete Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese) poetry archive. (In Portuguese only.)
Os Lusíadas: The Epic Poem by Camões.
Projecto Vercial - Literatura Portuguesa: A very large collection with indexes by author and by literary period. Author pages includes brief biographies and links to other pages about them

Editura AULA: Romanian book publisher with information on books available, authors, etc. Site completely in Romanian.
NordEst Internet Services: List of Romanian literature on the web.

Spanish Culture's Literature page: Has a good selection of links about Spanish literature.
Antología del Ensayo Ibero e Iberoamericano: Large collection of Spanish essays from the 14th to the 20th centuries, listed by author and chronologically. Part of the Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico at the University of Georgia.
Antología de poesía española: From the middle ages to the 19th century. Chronologically arranged with author and
first-line indexes.
TECLA: Texts for learners and teachers of Spanish. Online magazine.


Magazines and Newspapers

Barcelona digital: Newspaper from Barcelona in Catalan.
Diari de Balears: Daily newspaper from the Balearic Islands in Catalan.
El Periódico de Catalunya: Catalan and Spanish versions.
Empordà en línia: Newspaper on-line in Catalan.
Vilaweb: Electronic independent daily in Catalan.

CPN French Newspaper List: By Canadian Parents for French.
Le Monde: Most widely distributed French daily.

CyberItalian Newspaper List: Link list maintained by the CyberItalian learn Italian site.


Gazeta Wyborcza: Poland's most popular national daily newspaper

Rzeczpospolita: Poland's broadsheet daily newspaper


Agora São Paulo: (Portuguese; Universe Online)
O Estado de São Paulo & Jornal da Tarde: Brazilian newspapers.
Folha de São Paulo: Brazil's largest daily newspaper.
O Globo: Rio's daily newspaper.
Jornal do Brasil: Rio's daily newspaper.
Zero Hora Digital: Daily from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

IRomania Media List: Comprehensive List of Online Newspapers/Magazines in Romanian by IRomania.
Cotidianul: "National" daily newspaper is now online. Read it only a few hours after it is printed in Bucharest, Romania.
Evenimentul Zilei: Read Evenimentul Zilei, one of the largest Romanian Newspapers online. English AND Romanian Version.


Actualidad Index of World Newspapers-Latin America: View by country within Latin America.
Medios Ecuador: Guide to Ecuadorian online print media, radio, and TV.
Medios Hispanos: Guide to Hispanic online print media, radio, and TV, organized by country.
Diario Información: Online Spanish newspaper.
El Mercurio: Newspaper in Spanish from Cuenca, Ecuador.
El País Digital: Online independent daily newspaper in Spanish from Spain. Edited by the group PRISA.
La Vanguardia Digital: Online newspaper from Barcelona in Spanish.


Listening (Internet Radio / TV)

ITuner--Catalan: Updated listings for stations in Catalan from ITuner.
Real Guide--Catalan: Updated listings for stations in Catalan from the pioneer in RealAudio.
ARENYS TV: Video clips in Catalan of recently newsworthy events, apparently nothing live.
COMRadio Emissio en Directe--Barcelona: By Lavinia Telecom, from Barcelona, Spain. Website offers live programming, prerecorded programs, and links to sister radio stations in Catalan.
Emissió en directe de Catalunya Ràdio: RAC 105. Adult Contemporary music from Barcelona, Spain.
Segre Radio 93.4 FM (in Catalan): Music, news, and entertainment 24 hours a day, in Catalan from Spain.

Google French Radio Directory: Extensive listing of French radio stations by Google.
ITuner--French: Updated listings for stations in French from ITuner.
HAES Haitian Creole: Updated listings for stations in Haitian Creole from the Haitian-American Associatin of Engineers and Scientists (scroll about 2/3 of the way down the page to get to the radio station list).
Real Guide--French: Updated Listings for stations in French from the pioneer in RealAudio
CBC Nord - Quebec: Public affairs and music.
CHLT 630 en direct (Quebec): News-Talk radio.
CIBL en direct (Montreal): Public affairs and music.
CISM 89.3 en direct: Montreal University radio station from Quebec, Canada.
CKOI 96.9 FM Live: Rock from Montreal, Canada in French
Radio Canada: La Chaîne culturelle: CBF 100.7 FM. French radio station from Canada's public radio system in Montreal.
Radio Canada: La Première Chaîne: CBF 95.1 FM. French radio station from Canada's public radio system in Montreal.
Radio Vision 2000 Live from Haiti: 99.3 FM. News and entertainment from Port Au Prince, Haiti, in French (Creole).

Ituner--Italian: Updated listings for stations in Italian from ITuner
Real Guide--Italian: Updated listings for stations in Italian from the pioneer in RealAudio
Radio Anch'io - Matera Italia- Live!: Hit music and news from Matera, Italy, in Italian
Radio Cortina Live: Country music and news from Italy. Webpage has links to listen to live audio broadcast in Italian, live webcam, news in Ladino, and weather and other broadcasts in Italian.
Radio Marte Stereo: Italian Talk Radio. When checked 8/2002 the site was under reconstruction.
Radio Padova Italy: A variety of music, along with news and sports programs from Italy on 103.9 FM
Radio Studio Delta Italia: Music radio station in Cesena, Italy

Radio Vatican: Stations with schedule; languages mixed, occasional time slots in Latin
Vatican Radio: When I checked this in June 1999 it had broadcasts in other languages but not Latin, but who knows?
YLE Radio Finland in Latin (Nuntii Latini): Audio file w/ the News in Classical Latin (early part of file may have some English).


Sounds Polish: strange sights and sounds from Poland!

News of the week: news in Polish

Listen to Polish: an interesting listening based site.

Czeslaw Milosz reads his poems / audio / Internet Poetry Archive

Basic Phrases: basic Polish phrases

ITuner--Portuguese : Updated listings for stations in Portuguese from ITuner
LanguageBox South America listings: Radio station listings for South America by LanguageBox.
Real Guide--Portuguese: Updated listings for stations in Portuguese from the pioneer in RealAudio Brazilian internet radio portal by the huge Globo network; listen to one of many of their radio stations.
Spanish Radio Stations (SRS): This site lists Spanish and Portuguese language radio stations broadcasting live over the Internet. View stations by country; site available in English and Spanish.
Rádio UOL: A melhor música da Internet. Portal to a huge number of Brazilian radio stations; stations organized by genre (MPB, Samba, Axé, Frevo, Pagode, etc.).
Webradios Brazilian listings: Listing of various Brazilian Internet radio stations.
95FM: Brazilian radio station that plays a variety of music.
Educadora: From Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. Light music, primarily in Portuguese, occasionally English/French/Italian/Spanish.
ESPN Brasil: Sports from around the world, with a focus on Brasil, in Portuguese.

ITuner Romanian Listings: Updated listings for stations in Romanian from ITuner
Open Directory Romanian Listings: Updated listings for Romanian radio stations from the Open Directory Project
Real Guide--Romanian: Updated listings for stations in Romanian from the pioneer in RealAudio
Radio Europa Nova: Live hot music and local news from Timisoara, Romania
Radio Horion: From Craiova, Romania
Radio Romania International Live: International programming in various languages by Radio Romania.
Radio Sud: From Craiova, Romania
Radio Vest: Live news and contemporary music from Timisoara, Romania

Latinworld Radio Index: Updated listings for stations in Spanish
Real Guide--Spanish: Updated listings for stations in Spanish from the pioneer in RealAudio.
Spanish Radio Stations: This site lists Spanish and Portuguese language radio stations broadcasting live over the Internet. View stations by country; site available in English and Spanish.
CRE Satelital: 560 AM. From Guayaquil, Ecuador.
JC Radio: From Quito, Ecuador. Requires Media Player or Netshow rather than RealAudio.
La Ser--España: Sports, news and talk from Spain
Radio Centro: From Quito, Ecuador.
Radio Exterior  Española: National Spanish Radio.

Verb Conjugation Tables / Conjugators

Logos: Universal conjugator; conjugates selected verbs from a dozen or so languages.
WebConjugue: Web conjugator for virtually every European language, including Catalan, Galician, Occitan, and Latin.

Aprèn català (Learn Catalan): At the main page, choose "verbs" to see conjugation tables.

An Introduction to Regular French Verbs: Explanation of regular French verb conjugation, some irregulars.
Lesson on the Future and Past Tenses in French: Continuation of the "introduction to regular French verbs".
French Verb Conjugator: Type the infinitive of the verb and pick the tense to view the conjugation.

Italian Verbs: Macintosh program to learn and study Italian verb conjugation. Free download.
Italian Verbs Page: Verbs 'have' and 'be'; regular and some irregular verbs; reflexive verbs and passive conjugations.

Latin :
Latin Verb Tables: This site uses an acute accent ' in the place of the macron.

Portuguese Verb Lessons: Reference tables of regular and irregular verbs, exercises.

Comp-jugador: Conjugates Spanish verbs in all tenses (in Spanish).
Los diablos: Tables of irregular Spanish verbs for language learners; view completed table or drag mouse to see one at a time.
Jaime Suances-Torres' database: Of regular and irregular verbs, completely in Spanish. It offers comprehensive grammar rules and variations. Highly recommended for an advanced Spanish student.

Other Stuff:

Date and Time: Select the region to see the current time there.
Language Identifier: Type a few words and the program will tell you what language they are from.
Ethnologue Database: Database of the world's languages, showing dialects, areas spoken, etc.
Universal Survey of Languages: Click on a language to see how many speakers it has, spoken, and language samples.
Jennifer's Page of Links: Very complete, organized by continent. Many indigenous Central/South American languages included.
Online language Links: Another excellent compilation of resources for a variety of languages.



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