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Legends, Myths, and Stories of Britain

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are countries which are rich in ancient legends, myths and stories. The origin of these stories and legends is often not known but these tales have been around for many centuries often passed down through the generations by the spoken word alone.

In this section of anglik net we have tried to cover some of the more well-known or interesting legends, and also included details of where in Britain these mysterious stories originated. 

Beasts - there are several stories about enormous dogs and beasts of various descriptions inhabiting the less populated parts of Britain.

The Cerne Giant - the 60-meter tall prehistoric hill figure, with a giant phallus, which has been known as a fertility symbol since ancient times.

Glastonbury - the place where many of the most famous English myths and legends are based: King Arthur and his Knights, Camelot, the Holy Grail and more

Ghosts and Haunted Houses - Stories about the ghosts and most haunted places in Britain.

Robin Hood - The legend of the master archer, Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and his band of merry men.

Loch Ness Monster - the story of the Lock Ness monster.

Stone Circles - the mysterious megaliths and stone circles of the United Kingdom


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