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This page includes our ten favourite English language film / movie soundclips in either MP3 or wav format. Send us an email if you can recognise the ten films which the ten soundclips come from. If you're correct you will win a free  pen or button badge, courtesy of our sponsors World English!

Even if you can't identify the source of all the clips you will surely improve your listening skills!




Sound File # 1

It don't make a bit of sense to me. If that's what being crazy is then I'm senseless, out of it, gone down the road, wacko. But no more, no less.

Sound File # 2

No 1: Do you want to run my bath for me? No 2: It's what I live for.

Sound File # 3

Does anyone here speak English... or even ancient Greek? Water.. oh no thank you... fish make love in it.

Sound File # 4

My girls, sir, they didn't care for the Overlook at first. One of them actually stole a pack of matches, and tried to burn it down. But I, corrected them, sir. And when my wife tried to prevent me from doing my duty, I corrected her.

Sound File # 5

I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner. Bye.

Sound File # 6

No 1: Your use of language has altered since our arrival. It is currently laced with, shall we say, more colourful metaphors, "double dumb-ass on you" and so forth.
No 2: You mean the profanity?
No 1: Yes.
No 2: Well that's simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word.  You'll find it in all the literature of the period.

Sound File # 7

"Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?"

Sound File # 8

They send you here for life... and that's exactly what they take.

Sound File # 9

No 1: How do you do, good lady. I am Arthur, King of the Britons. No 2: King of the who? No 1: The Britons. No 2: Who are the Britons?

Sound File # 10

I can outlearn you. I can outrage you. I can outthink you. And I can outphilosphize you. And I'm going to outlast you.


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