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Polish Food

Polish Food is diverse and delicious. It is made with almost all of the four basic food groups in mind, with a little something from each in every dish. Polish food ranges from kielbasa (Polish sausage), to Golabki (stuffed 'pigeon') and bigos (hunter's stew) to stuffed eggs, and from dumpling soup to mushrooms in sour cream. Meat is an important feature of most Polish food, so the main meal in Poland nearly always consists of some type of meat. Pork is the national meat of Poland and many main course dishes will contain it. There are also many other dishes containing meat and other dishes containing fish. These fish dishes make use of: eel, pike, perch, carp, sturgeon, sea fish, catfish and many others.

There are also many desserts like poppy seed cake, crullers, royal mazurek, a dish much like a cherry pie, saffron babas, and buckwheat and raisin pudding. Another tasty meal is sweet pierogi. 

Poland also has seasonal dishes like Christmas Borcsch with Pierogi, which is served not only at Christmas but at Easter, as well.


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