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Polish Legend : The Obra Water Monster

Loch Ness is not the only lake with a reputation for a Monster. The River Obra, a small offshoot of the River Warta, in the west of what is now Poland, is said to be the home of a similar giant water-based 'monster'.

Over the years, many reliable witnesses, have reported seeing a giant snake-like creature either in the river Warta or Obra, or in one of the many lakes, which are connected to the river Obra. Some report seeing ducks, swans and even small dogs being attacked and dragged underwater by some powerful unseen predator. Few of which emerge from the water again. Others have supposedly witnessed a giant snake trying to upset boats on one of the lakes in the area in which the river Obra is situated.

Some have suggested that this snakelike monster is in fact a giant European Catfish, which by some freak of nature has grown to enormous proportions. Elsewhere in Europe the same fish has been shown to have attacked dogs and large water birds, so there would appear to be no reason why the reports from Poland of a giant 'lake monster' shouldn't actually relate to a catfish.

Whether this is a giant fish or something more mysterious is uncertain. But stories continue to this day of a giant water dwelling creature, which hunts after dusk along the sparcely populated Obra. - The home of the English language online.
Magda Pospieszna 2003