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Language links:


World English: One of the best sites for learners of English.

BBC Learning English: Large ELT site from the BBC.


Polish Forum : Forum / message and discussion board about Poland and Polish

Polish Legends : learn about Polish legends, myths, folklore and traditional stories.

Facts about Poland : the basic facts and information about Poland.

Learn Polish in Poland : combined Polish language courses and tourism in the west of Poland. Also intensive Polish Lessons in Poland.

Polish Translation: Fast, professional and economic translation from Polish into English and viz versa.

Polish Radio: Polish state radio (click on the words to the left of the screen 'Słushaj w internecie'! Then choose Radio 3.

Learn Polish - Free Polish language resources including sound files and easy to print 'books'.

Polish TV: News on demand.

The BBC in Polish: News and audio in Polish.

English / Polish Dictionary : Polish English translation dictionary +

Gazeta Wyborcza - The biggest selling Polish newspaper (complete with free email accounts, chat and forums) 

Poland - Interesting new website about Poland.

Photographs of Poland - our own pages devoted to images of Poland. 

Pictures Poland - new site about the most interesting, undiscovered parts of Poland to visit. Check out Lubuskie to find out about the very best part of Poland!

Polish Food - brief description of Polish food with links to sites offering more detailed information and recipes.

Skwierzyna : photo based site about a typical small Polish town.

Zielona Góra : a website about the picturesque city of Zielona Gora in Poland. 

Pals - a free penpal and friendship site.


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