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Rate pets and make contact with other pet and animal lovers around the world.

Rate pets, contact pet owners, leave comments, make friends

Click one of the pictures to enter our new rating site. It's a fun, strangely addictive place where you can look at pictures of pets and rate them on their looks and make contact with the [ets or their owners! This part of the site contains numerous photographs of all kinds of pets from all over the world. To use the site all you need to do is to look at them and give them an anonymous rating of between 1 and 10. With 1 being the lowest (ugly) rating and 10 the highest (cute). A new photograph will then appear. If it's the same photo just click 'skip this image' and you should see another pet! You can also leave comments and if you like any of the photographs enough you might decide to contact the pet or the owner of the pet. Make new friends with people who share a love of animals

Our rate me section is completely free! And you can even add your own pet's photograph and see how people rate your dog, cat, rat or pet ...

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